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I started to play Everquest in 2000 and still have the most fond memories to that time. I met great people from all over the world. First I only met them online but after some time, we managed to meet in person as well. I found great friends from several nations and I am happy to find out that online-friendship can go on even when you dont play the same game anymore. *hugs*
At some point we founded our own guild, named "Celestial Rising", first on a server named "Xev", later it was named "Druzzil Ro".  My most loved and main character there was Yinadriel, a high elf cleric.

Too bad EQ will never be the same.  At the point, that I realized that fact and realized that too many of my friends already stopped playing, I left Norrath as well after 7 years of playing EQ.

When in April 2012 EQ became free-to-play, I decided to download and install EQ again. Since I left Norrath there were more server merges and now I found my chars on a server called "Xegony". I found some old friends, who still play or just came back to play free-to-play like me.
We founded a guild named "Celestial Rising Rezzed" as a tribute to the old "Celestial Rising" but we didnt want to name it the same, because it will never be the same again.
I now play a few hours a week to be with friends and have fun or just login for some chatting.



Vanguard - Saga of Heroes

In 2007 I started Vanguard, hoping the old EQ feeling would come back and looking forward to meet old online friends again. My guild there is "Old Companions" on a server named "Halgar".
I still have a high elf cleric Yinadriel, but most fun I have with my dark elf sorceress Yiny. Too bad that most friends quit Vanguard, it felt lonely at some point, so I quit too in 2008.

In July 2014 Vanguard will vanish completelyfrom the internet. So no way to go back.


Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

In 2009 I decided to give WAR a try. I never really liked Player vs Player games and did not expect much. I was surprised that Realm vs Realm was fun though. I am not sure how long this game will keep me interested.  I found some old online friends again in a guild called OCD and started a Bright Wizard named Xyta and of course there cant be any MMORPG, that I play, without a high elf named Yinadriel. She is an Archmage in WAR
Real life kept me busy at some point, so I stopped playing in 2010.

Warhammer Online vanished from the internet and closed all servers in December 2013.

Xyta und Yinadriel

Memories of the best times in a MMORPG

Memories of Celestial Rising

I made a movie to say Goodbye to Celestial Rising when we decided to disband it. I tried to catch some of the wonderful people and moments. Hugs to all of you. I miss you.
Click the picture to the right to watch the movie (16MB, 7min)

Goodbye CR

History of Celestial Rising

A good friend of mine, well known in Noarrath as Hypnotica wrote a summary of the life of Celestial Rising, in short CR (which is also the abbreviation for Corpse Run)
I would like to share with you all those wonderful words.  Thanks Hypnotica. *hugs*

Celestial Rising, One of a Kind..

Long long time ago, in a chatroom far far away, a magical gathering took place. It was rumoured that the reason for this gathering was a failed merger between "Condemned Souls" and "Eye of the World". Right then and there the foundation was laid for what would become a home for many a player to come...

On January the 6th 2002 Celestial Rising was born, the guild that would make a difference.

Forever staying true to our charter never ever to become "Uber", we proudly fought alongside our sister guilds "Lions of the Heart" and "Omerta", extending our friendship and comradeship beyond the bounderies of our guildtag. Our name became well respected and the Celestial Rising family grew. Sometimes a little to fast, so we had to close applications for a while to be able to focus our attention on making the newcomers feel at home. New allies like "Dreams of Darkness" strengthened our ranks, providing us with the power to kill our first God, Innoruuk.

Celestial Rising always tended to do things a little differently.

As we progressed slowly but steadily, we particularly took pride in beating targets with half the force that other guilds had needed in the past. Where members of other guilds had difficulties gathering forces for an epic fight, we went for it the SCROK way. The "Standard CR Over Kill" became a trademark.

And when love blossomed between a beautiful druid and a wise wizard, their vowes were spoken on the beach of the secret hidden island, where the ceremony was performed by a dazzling red robed priestess.

Back in the days when moving an inch in the wrong direction proved to be fatal in Plane of Fear, all it took was a child's tear to make a certain shaman fearlessly run across the entire zone, in search of his price. From this day on he was known as the Lost Shammie.

Sacrificial lamb to the slaughter for other guilds maybe, but in Celestial Rising a lonely ranger with a powerfull trueshot beat Klandicar after everyone else died, earning him the honorary name of Dragon Slayer. Raid DOWN, Ranger UP!

Guildmeetings were arranged in Holland, Denmark, Germany and the UK, where we got to see the faces behind the troll, the elf, the gnome, the dwarf.

But alas, dark clouds were gathering. The lack of new players and the exodus of players to EQ2 made the EQ population shrink. When servers were combined Celestial Rising had to say goodbye to Xev and moved to Druzzil Ro. We grew weaker and our guild no longer had the power to pursue the targets we wanted and rather than to slowly let our beloved guild disappear into oblivion, we decided that in times of trouble, you turn to a good friend.

On January the 14th 2007, 5 years after it was founded, Celestial Rising has joined forces with "Old Continent".

An era has come to an end, but a new era has begun ....

A whole hearted thank you goes out to all members, vessels of the Celestial Rising soul, it was YOU that made this wonderfull journey possible. Keep the spirit alive!

Celestial Rising, we bid you farewell..

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